The Chinese Slow Pitch Softball Association (CSPSA),a full service,
not-for-profit organization based in Taipei, Taiwan, was founded in 1995 to
offers a division of play and a level of competition that youth through adult
can enjoy.  
  The development of slow pitch softball in Taiwan has beenrising and
 flourishing and there’re currently 12 standard slow pitch fields and more
 than 8,000 teams across the nation.
  When the CSPSA was established, the sport was in a state of confusion
with no unified set of playing rules and no national governing body to
provide guidance and stability.  
  The CSPSA has many important responsibilities as the national 
governing body of softball, including organizing national and international
tournaments, setting up standard playing rules, as well as judge and player
training programs.
  If we can be of assistance to you concerning softball issues, please do
not hesitate to contact us.
Chinese Slow Pitch Softball Association (CSPSA)
3F, No. 145, Sec. 2, Chien-Kuo N. Rd.,
104 Taipei
Tel: +886.2.2517.8747
Fax: +886.2.2517.1722